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Accent Reduction

Accent reduction (aka, accent modification and accent therapy) teaches individuals to speak English closer to the American cultural style. The objective is to refine your spoken English so that the speech resembles native American speech. Sessions are provided at Autumn Oak or your workplace (Houston, Pearland, Manvel, Galveston, Alvin, and Sugar Land, Texas).

Accent reduction/modification sessions are appropriate for individuals who feel their spoken English is difficult for others to understand due to their accent, are self conscious about their accented speech, and/or want to better assimilate to American culture.

Communication is comprised of spoken words and unspoken nuances (e.g., body language, facial expressions). Accurate interpretation of each facilitates fluid, meaningful conversations. The unspoken nuances are specific to one’s primary language and culture. Therefore, accurate interpretations are more difficult when interpreting a completely different language and culture. Inaccurate interpretation results in communication breakdowns, uncomfortable emotions (e.g., awkwardness), and reduced communication confidence.
Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing, PLLC offers three specific programs. Program One emphasizes accent reduction to gain greater intelligibility/understandability with your spoken English. Program Two is a holistic approach to communication. This program emphasizes accent reduction/modification as well as training on communicative techniques and styles specific to the American culture. Program Three is designed specifically for groups.

Accent Reduction And Modification Therapy For Adults – Program One

  • American English melody training
  • Consonant production training (accurately produce consonant sounds)
  • Vowel production training (accurate articulation of vowels)
  • Pragmatics: social use of American English/Language

Accent Reduction And Modification Therapy For Adults – Program Two

  • Techniques to improve your outcomes of specific communicative interactions
  • Business Basics
  • Clear and assertive communication
  • Meetings & presentations
  • Negotiation
  • Communication via body language (unspoken nuances)
  • Handling resistance & difficult people
One-hour weekly appointments, workbooks, and CDs are provided for each program. Average time for Program One is 12 weeks. Average time for Program Two is 16 weeks. Flexibility for your schedule is provided, therefore, the program duration may vary.

Accent Reduction And Modification Therapy for Adults – Program Three

Program One or Program Two are available in group sessions at a reduced cost. Group settings are appropriate for business/medical colleagues, international residents/students, or friends who want to refine their American accent.

Free consultation and speech screening are provided to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for accent reduction intervention.