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God, May I Please Live Longer for my Son?

By: Dr. Michelle Saltarrelli, AuD, CCC, A/SLP

I just completed another ARD within the Pearland Independent School District (ISD), I have been a part of these for years now. I am not walking in as a professional audiologist or speech pathologist, I am the parent. Now I can share that I know what it is like to be in both roles within these ARDs. My son is a fifth grader and now needs special education, life skills 100% of his school day. In the past, he was in half day regular education and half day life skills within the Pearland ISD system. What does the future hold for my son? This is the most haunting question I have being his mother. How will he manage as a man, without me? Dear Lord, I can never leave my son alone in this world! Please allow me to live longer!

I realize I am not the only parent out there with these questions and impossible requests. I also realize that my son is unique, but still perfect in my eyes. I meet parents on a daily basis at Autumn Oak Speech, Voice, and Hearing who fear for their child’s future. However, I still feel alone and scared. I try my very best to squelch those fears in the other parents I meet who have children with hearing loss, speech disorders, or both due to an underlying syndrome or disorder. I know how they feel, because unfortunately we are on life’s journey in that same proverbial “boat”. I would rather not share my boat with others, because it can be at times a very painful and scary ride. However, I can promise this, every person who walks in my doors for help, I can completely empathize. I am right there with you seeking out specialists who can help my son too.

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