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Ear Plugs & Protection

Our ears are sensitive, as common noises that you encounter every day can lead to hearing loss down the line. Did you know that construction noises, concerts, gardening equipment, and even city traffic noise all peak at the threshold for healthy hearing, right around 85 dB? These loud noises can slowly do damage to your ears over time, and while you might not notice it at first, after many years of unprotected exposure you could find yourself with noise-induced hearing loss.
We offer both protective ear plugs and custom molds to help preserve your hearing during these activities. Anyone who will be exposed to loud sounds, underwater activities, or needs a custom-fit earmold for hearing aids or other instruments can benefit from these products.
We offer custom earmolds and plugs that offer maximum protection and all-day comfort. These are ideal for:
Whatever level of protection you need, we have the gear to get you covered! Contact us to learn more