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Hearing Aid Fittings

An important next step on your way toward better hearing comes with the fitting and adjusting of your hearing aids. Similar to glasses, hearing aids aren’t one size fits all devices and need a little fine tuning to ensure optimum success.
During your fitting, your hearing aid will be adjusted to meet your specific needs, and you’ll be given instructions on:
Every pair of hearing aids we fit to our patients is adjusted to meet your precise hearing needs. Remember, hearing aids work extremely well when fitted and adjusted properly, but it can take some time. The left and right hearing aids probably won’t fit exactly the same and they probably won’t sound exactly the same. Nonetheless, hearing aids should be comfortable with respect to physical fit and sound quality.
We understand that discovering you have a hearing loss and adjusting to hearing aids can be overwhelming. Most people do not simply lose their hearing overnight, as their hearing loss gradually develops over several years. It takes time to acclimate to hearing devices, as simply placing the aids in your ears will not instantly eliminate the hearing loss. It takes commitment, determination, and patience to successfully adjust.
When you first receive your hearing aids, there are a few things you can do to make sure you have success with them. Wear them as much as you can, so you can more easily adapt to them. If you encounter situations where you still aren’t hearing very well, write down what happened and let us know. Most importantly, be patient. The time it takes to get your device dialed in and working perfectly for you is worth the follow-up visit or two it might take.
At Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing, we’re committed to your success. If you’re having difficulty adapting to your new devices, please contact us today.