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Lease Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Leasing Program

At Autumn Oak Speech, Voice, and Hearing we want to provide excellent, affordable hearing healthcare to everyone. We want hearing aids to be a feasible option for all. Therefore, Autumn Oak Speech, Voice, and Hearing is implementing a very unique leasing program!
Hearing aids are small speech processors which are smart enough to amplify speech while simultaneously reducing unwanted background noises. Listening to speech at a noisy restaurant or family gathering are the most challenging listening situations for anyone with hearing loss. However, hearing aids can bring the enjoyment back in such situations.
Essentially, hearing aids are little computers worn on the ears, designed by engineers, and are an investment ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands per hearing aid. Quality and value are an investment and you decide the worth of your hearing. However, we at Autumn Oak Speech, Voice, and Hearing hope to make the cost more suited for your budget with monthly payments instead of one or two large payments.

Leasing Program Benefits:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Lease to own or just lease
  • Full hearing aid warranty provided
  • With your desired hearing health care package, audiological services may be included in your monthly payment. All hearing aids are prescribed by Dr. Saltarrelli to meet your personal hearing healthcare needs.

Candidates For A Hearing Aid Leasing Program:

  • Individuals with hearing loss that would like quality aids prescribed by a doctor and want an affordable payment plan.
  • Medicare recipients with no health insurance coverage for hearing aids.
  • Individuals with little or no hearing aid insurance coverage.
  • Individuals who want to hear well via short-term hearing aid use to improve their quality of life, such as:
    • Hospice recipients
    • Nursing home residents

Leasing Program Details:

  • Low monthly payments are calculated based on hearing aid features and your credit score.
  • A processing fee will be charged to review candidacy.
  • Upon approval, a one-time, refundable security fee is charged to begin the leasing process.
  • The hearing aids will require monthly maintenance checks at Autumn Oak to ensure optimal functioning. Monthly payments are due during the visit.