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Speech FAQ

Will my child just grow out of his/her speech problems?

Depending on the speech and language presented by the child and the child’s age, some speech concerns can be age appropriate and just a part of development. However, we often evaluate young children who do qualify for speech therapy. The only true way to tell the difference between normal development and speech disorder is to obtain a speech-language evaluation. Therapy is only recommended when warranted.

How long will I or my child be in therapy?

Unfortunately, there is no formula that will determine the duration of therapy. We can provide an educated guess based on experience with the severity of the speech/language disorder. For children, the earlier the disorder is diagnosed and treated the sooner discharge will occur due to mastery of all speech/language goals.

Will my child have trouble in school once they are school age?

As noted with question 2, the earlier the disorder is addressed the sooner the disorder will be remediated. Often once completed with speech therapy, the child is successful in school and all other aspects of life. Speech/language disorders are not a determining factor for the continued need of specialized services as the child grows. However, if the speech/language disorder is present due to another issue (e.g., autism, learning disabilities) further specialized services should be sought and provided. Essentially the speech/language disorder is present secondary to another primary disorder. The speech/language disorder is a symptom of another prevailing disorder. As specialists at Autumn Oak we will continuously monitor the progress and behaviors presented by the individual receiving speech/language therapy. If other conditions are suspected, it is our responsibility to inform patients, parents and/or family of our concerns. We will also provide appropriate referrals and a plan of care to address the new concerns.

Is speech therapy covered by most insurance plans?

Coverage depends on your individual insurance plan as well as the diagnoses. We are happy to offer the courtesy of verifying your insurance coverage; however, we HIGHLY recommend you check your benefits as well. It is not uncommon to receive ambiguous responses from health insurance companies. It never hurts to double check!