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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing?
Because you deserve the best. Dr. Michelle Saltarrelli is renowned for her knowledge, service, and accomplishments:
  • Professional Leader
    • Dr. Saltarrelli has been invited to speak at national conferences for audiologists and speech pathologists to present on audiology.
    • Dr. Saltarrelli has been a member of the Board of Directors for The Brook School in Houston, TX since 2011. The Brook School is the only school in Houston which combines children with hearing loss and average hearing children to learn and grow with highly specialized teachers and speech pathologists present within the classroom.
  • Highly Specialized Credentials
    • Dr. Saltarrelli is dually certified in speech pathology (Master of Science) and audiology (Doctor of Audiology).
    • Less than 1% of professionals within the fields of speech pathology and audiology possess such credentials in Texas.
  • Unique and Vast Array of Hearing and Speech Diagnostics and Treatment
    • Children and adults with special needs, either born with or acquired later in life, for speech therapy
    • Stroke / Aphasia Support Group
    • Cochlear Implant Services
    • Hearing Aid Services – Only the most innovative and reliable devices are prescribed
    • Other Surgically Implanted Hearing Devices (i.e., BAHA)
    • Accent Reduction
  • Excellent Patient Satisfaction with Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Services
    • With hundreds of patients served and prescribed new hearings aids over the past three years, only THREE patients returned their aids. That is a remarkable statistic.
    • Patients who reside in Louisiana drive to receive services from Dr. Saltarrelli.
  • 2015 Invited to Prescribe a Specific Brand of Hearing Aids
    • AGX hearing aids are provided to practices via invitation only.
    • Successful practices invited to offer AGX branded aids must provide excellent patient care and present an outstanding code of ethics.
  • Family History of Hearing Loss and Special Needs