Phone Number

(281) 503-8765

Thank You For Your Donations

Autumn Oak accepts all sorts of donations including:

  • Old but in good condition toys
  • Hearing aids
  • Cash
  • Various supplies

Donations are passed on to our patients and allow us to use the money saved from the donations for:

  • Education of staff to ensure quality care
  • Supplies for complimentary group sessions for patients
  • Offer more complimentary group sessions for patients
  • Purchase equipment to enhance therapeutic outcomes for patients
  • Hearing aids are donated to others or become loaner aids

Thank you Mr. Kevin Carr!

Autumn Oak Rehab Clinic would like to thank Mr. Kevin Carr for his very generous cash donation! He allowed us to purchase the following toys for our children to enjoy during their therapy sessions. Thank you, Mr. Carr – the kids are loving your gifts!